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Modification Date :  Sat, June 23 2007.

Welcome Students,

The session is beginning so you should brace yourself for an interesting topic Computer Networks. I will be the instructor for EcE and aEiE batches of 7th semester.

Topics on Computer Networks, The Lecture Notes will be placed here:-
  1. Dummy Link  >>
The Assignments
      Each Assignment will carry some marks which will be from the CT. Submission before the due date carrys bonus marks as indicated in the assignment. Similarly there will be fine (in terms of marks) for late submission. After the respective CT is over, assignments pertaining to it cannot be submitted.
  1. First Assignment:>>    Announcement date: July 17 2007    Due Date: July 24 2007   Bonus: .5   Fine: 1    Total: 4
  2. Second Assignment:    Announcement date:

The Text book for the course
  1. Data Communication and Networking - Behrouz-A-Forouzan and Sophia Chung Fegan
Reference and other reading
  1. Computer Networks A System Approach - Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie
  2. Data and Computer Communications - William Stallings
  3. Computer Networks - Prof. Andrew S. Tanenbaum - one of my favourite authors but not for this course
  4. Computer Networks Protocols, Standards and Interfaces - Uyless Black
  5. Computer and Communication Networks - Nader F. Mir
  6. Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices - William Stallings
    The planning for this course is to make it front-loaded. Due to the technicality involved, many parts would be demonstration / presentation oriented. Your support and sincerity will make it a thoroughly enjoyable subject for study.

The Topics arrangement according to the syllabus >>
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