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Modification Date :  Mon Dec 17 2007.

My Voyage through C 

I may not update it soon till I get sufficient stuff done myself. If you face any difficulties first ask your concerned teacher and if she recommends then only use the resources here.

The C Programming Resources to supplement my Class room teaching.  

Advanced Data Representation Part1 PDF.

C code on Pointer to Function, Function pointer, Bit Fields, File Handling, Dynamic Memory Allocation.

An article on Functions in C. HTML and PDF (updated)

The Annotated C Tutorial 

A Collaborative effort to make the learning of the language a lot easier. While conceiving this idea my primary objective was to design such a tutorial which could be followed by a new student (sans any programming background) on his own with nothing more than a compiler and a text editor to boot with.
My ramblings against the present day books and tutorials are:
  • The books are bulky
  • Most of the examples are not illustrated/described
  • Don't inculcate best practices
  • Printed programs are difficult to read
  • Most books don't discuss what is good or what is bad about a certain program
  • Programs generally do have a couple of lines which has the core logic in them, generally not emphasized
  • Big problems are just unreadable
  • Publishers don't take proper care to reformat code to suit code clarity; some publishers really do the stuff but they are quite far n few
  • The pace of any C book is about incremental learning but generally concepts discussed later in the book find their unwanted presence in prior programs
  • No one points out what a bad program looks like and how it can be given the correct shape

The Contributing Authors:  

  • Manik Chand Patnaik :me (I will be doing some editing work too)
  • Sujata Panda
  • Siddhimayee Devi
  • Rameswari Mishra

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