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Modification Date :  Sat May 5 2007.

Dear Students,

I may update this page again but it depends a lot on availability of free time. If you need some clarification or need extra information then contact me either personally or through e-mail.

Topics on RDBMS

Lecture Notes are here:-
  1. Merits of using a DBMS over a file processing system  >>
  2. Data Models and Supplimental Reading on them >>
  3. Codd's Rules >>
  4. Concurrency Story >>
  5. Deadlock (Detection, Prevention and Recovery) >>
  6. Timestamp and multiversion schemes of concurrency control >>
  7. Recovery Systems (Log based, Deferred Update Method, Immediate Update Method, Checkpoints) >>
  8. Optimistic Scheduling >>
  9. Distributed Database Systems >>
  10. Logical Databases, Data Warehousing, Data Mining,  OLAP and OLTP >>
  11. Query Processing and Optimization >>
  12. Past assignments:  1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6
The Text books for RDBMS
  1. Ramakrishna & Geherke - Specially for Relational Algebra, Calculi and QBE
  2. Bipin C Desai - QBE
  3. Silberschatz, Korth, Sudarshan - almost all other
  4. Ramez Elmasri & Shamkant B Navathe - This is the prescribed book so don't neglect. Bit complicated to follow though, Well I am here to guide you.
Things which are not here
    These things are covered in great detail in the class and I could not prepare digital copies of the notes, They may be available later depending on the free time available to me as there are technical things involved like symbols, I can't make it done by any other support staff.
  1. Normalization
  2. Relational Algebra
  3. TD Calculi
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