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Installing the default instance with SQLEXPRESS 2008 >>

Manik Chand Patnaik
Sun Nov 23 17:00:43 2008

When I clicked on the default instance while installing SQLEXPRESS 2008 what did I ask for?

The 2005 edition of SQLEXPRESS installed a true default instance of the Microsoft SQL Server in these configurations but this is not the case with SQLEXPRESS 2008. It installs a named instance by default. So this created problems for my existing programs and I ventured to finally remedy this situation.

I invoked the installer again. It took a while to extract to a temporary location and then showed the installation dialog. I am presenting here a pictorial walkthrough of the steps. Please be patient till the images load up.

The Installation Center. Select New SQL Server ...

Requirements must be met

Setup Support files. Dubbious screen. Looks as if doing something but actually waiting for you to click install button.

Further requirements must be met.

Select a new installation. Look I still have the SQLEXPRESS lugging around.

Press Next

Accept the License

Select Database Engine Services

Select the Named Instance and Type MSSQLSERVER. This is important as it is the default instance.

See the requirements

Set the account under which the instance will start.

You can also click Use the Same account for all SQL Server services

I prefer Mixed mode. I gave something simple as I was soon to extract the data and migrate to MySQL for further development.

Verify the Data Directories.

You can also enable the FILESTREAM for TSql.

You can help Microsoft by sending usage data. This will actually help in the long run as MSFT will know what the user's use the most and may try to improve upon it.

Further Checking.

Install Summary.

Actual Install going on.

Setup process is complete.

You can see the Summary Log.

Now let's open the Sql Server Configuration Manger

Previously enabled TCP/IP for SQLEXPRESS is being disabled as we will not be using it any more.

We are Stopping SQLEXPRESS. Detach any databases required before stopping it so that we can connect them later to our default instance.

We will open the property of it and make the start mode as disabled.

Let's now activate the TCP/IP for our Default instance, MSSQLSERVER.

Now Restart the Default instance and start working normally. Open the SQL Server Management Studio and attach your previous databases and do whatever you like.

Got it?

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