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My Ramblings with LG GPRS (C2500)

Manik Chand Patnaik
Sun Nov 19 13:46:50 2006

I am visiting my site again after a very long gap. After my employment as a computer science teacher I scarcely got any opportunity for recreation or a free time of sorts. As I recenty acquired a mobile system possibly I could do some upliftment of my sagging site.

The LG mobile

I have got a LG mobile C2500 which suffices for my talking needs but when I needed internet, there was problems ahead. I was confident of getting the drivers from LG but lack of tutorial and documentation marred my inspirations. However as my nature is, I didn't let it go that way. I followed an article from techtree and another from ammas but those did not work for me.


LG does not provide a driver disc and this is one major problem. Though almost all required material is available over internet, nobody took the pains to write a guide for them. This is sic! The LG mobiles C2500 and C2600 etc come with a data cable. My mobile when connected to a PC can work as a mass storage device (Pen Drive of sorts) or as a com port (USB serial port). The driver is there on the LG site and that is a single simple text file configuration of the USB drivers already present with Win XP. As per the techtree and ammas tutorials I installed the com port and then created a standard modem with with the com port. So far so good. I tested the modem by using a modem query in the diagnostics property page. It was perfect and returned me the modem reply. I tried dialing a normal phone number and it displayed on the mobile screen though it later pointed out that such dialing is not supported. It all seemed perfect as the problem was yet to be unearthed.

I created an internet connection with the Network connections. Provided my Airtel calling number *99***1# and tried to connect. Now it was terrible. It went upto registering and then disconnected with an error. As per the tutorial, I never expected this. I took the issue with the airtel staff, my teacher friends but a solution was far from sight.

From Pillar to Post

Desparate to get the thing to work I ran to several vendors but nothing fruitful happened. People never said no to me but the blank hope was killing for me.

An Unusual Offer

Sai offered a B2050 also from LG and said that he would arrange a data cable for it. Another mobile? OOps! that's too much. Manoranjan, (airtel staff) also had a deep faith in the set. I nodded, but with a condition; "Subject to Success" and Sai agreed.

The solution

As it could have been, I got the stuff and came back to my den. Opened the cables etc and plugged in to my system and "It's horrible" the data cable drivers were for a different version of mobile and everything was back at point zero.

I got to my uncle's residence and used his land line for a dial-up internet access. Now I am at home. Downloaded the driver kit for LG B2050, and it was up and running. I got the clue as to what is going underneath.

The Technicality

Earlier as I have said LG provides for the com port driver. And this ends there only. Creating a standard modem with the com port would not do because GPRS needs additional info: The APN. There is no scope for Call Type or APN in the Network Connection. So you need a specific modem driver, a more generic one which can handle Call Type and APN and a specific dialer which can feed these details atleast for the first time in the connection.

As I have said I had installed the standard modem and the com port driver, I removed the standard modem and with the LG Internet Kit modem driver created the modem by pointing to the com port of LG C2500. Ran the modem diagnostics and the modem query returned the proper answer.

I kick-started the LG Internet kit and made a new connection with it and accepted two prompts for WinXP logo warnings. Then I entered the Call Type as GPRS Call, the AirTel APN with the call number and and pressed connect. Viola! it connected.

LG could have made a bundle for C2500 and C2600 or at least could have given a doc with the details of how to make a GPRS connection from PC.


All is well that ends well! Don't you agree?

- - - - - This Article is under GNU FDL with title as FC text. The text in this document is provided with good faith that it would be useful. There is no expressed or implied liability associated for any consequences resulting from use of the methods described in the article. The Author is not affiliated anyway to LG or to any of it's partners. As the process don't feature in LG web pages possibly this method is not a recommended method. So the user should excercise his own thought and weigh the risks associated with using method described herein before making attempt to take the risk of utilizing a driver of a different kit with LG C2500 or LG C2600 or any other set. If in doubt don't attempt this.

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