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My articles on technology are available at the blog/article section. Some rants would be available at my wordpress blog. Students are advised to go directly to the Student Support page.


  • System Programming This course focuses on fundmental concepts of Architecture, OS and Compiler Design. Watch out for changes.

  • Software Project Management This course is newly introduced for B.Tech. 7th semester students according to the new syllabus. The subject is compulsary for IT students whereas for CS students is optional. The study notes will be worked out along with the classes so the pages will be incrementally updated. Watch out for changes.

  • Mobile Computing This course is shifted to 5th Semester. The notes are mostly complete.

  • Advanced Operating System was taught to 7th sem students. The AOS page is already up and running. Look for the student support section.

  • Author Copy of my book Advanced Information Technology arrived recently. Those who want to see it can contact me. The book is going to be distributed by Maharshi Dayanand University as their study material for Semester 5 of BBA course. The ISBN number is : 978-81-259-3757-9

  • Compiler Design Lab Manual and Assignments

  • Information System Design With new study material

  • Software Engineering page opened exclusively for Communication Students

  • OS Lab Contains four lab experiments.

  • SE and ISD Old Software Engineering and ISD page is here

  • Operating System - Paging Problems with answershere

  • Some Operating System Twisters from Prof. Anthony Joseph  here

  • The Question paper of Embedded Systems featured a lot of OS questions. Go figure out here

I have changed the look n feel of the site. However the transition will take some time. Let's hope for a speedy migration but nothing is planned in stone now. It all depends on how much free time I will get for these activities.

Some sections like Blogs/Articles are still available in the older format.

Last Update was on Tuesday 11 Apr 2017 .