About http://manik.in/

This web site has been created to showcase many of the works of Manik Chand Patnaik. Though earlier a personal home-page used to be hosted on the free-host Tripod, the content has been rendered obsolete by now. As parts related to download is in the process and currently being maintained there only, a visit to the site is also solicited. The URL is http://members.multimania.co.uk/manikchand/

Though sincere attempts have been made to keep the data reflected in this site very current and most accurate, errors and omissions inadvertantly might have crept in. The visitor is requested to keep this in consideration while browsing our site. Frequent updates to this site has not been possible due to lack of time of the 'Lead Developer' in the past and this situation has not changed till date.

Even though updates have been made intermittently they can nevertheless be termed complete on that date.

Contact Address:

Manik Chand Patnaik can be contacted via his E-mail ID - myself -at- manik -dot- in on this domain. For other modes of communication kindly ask on his E-mail ID.

The Webmaster cannot be contacted via his E-mail ID - webmaster -at- xxx-xxx-xxx on this domain. Please bear with us.

Site Info:

The site has been tested on the FireFox (1.5) and Internet Explorer 6 (SP2). Though the site could have been made more flexible, the author has no wish to support other browsers because the target client is expected to be using a modern OS with a decent browser and HTML and CSS are expected to display the text correctly as expected. Even the support for Internet Explorer 6 comes tough because of many quirks in display of PNG images.

Further the site has been tested on the free Opera browser and on Linux it has been tested on Konqueror. It renders satisfactorily on the browsers.

No Flash or Java applet or any other kind of animation related content has been added to these pages. If contrary is found kindly bring to the notice of the author. Any quirks with the active content warning on IE is courtesy cascading style sheets.


The development has been done using Nvu, Quanta Plus, Inkscape, Gimp and Krita. Most of the content has been written down using KWord, KWrite, OpenOffice and Notepad2 at different times. Now a days after adopting a new templating system, I do most of my work in Kwrite and I am most comfortable with it now. I use JQuery and PHP for most of the site pages. For the beginners I would suggest Bluegriffon for html editing.

Last Update was on Tuesday 11 Apr 2017 .